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 About K. REIGLE usisedg

Starting in 1993 - K. REIGLE began working professionally with IBM Lotus Notes & Domino.  He has been a IBM Certified System Administrator for Lotus Notes & Domino since 2001.

Additionally he has worked at Project Management Administration from 1994 to present (prior, from 1981 to 1985 he worked on planning documentaton).






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 Research/Analysis, Project Mgmt. & IT CIO Tasks                                                   

* The Certified for IBM Lotus software Mark and the trademarks contained therein are trademarks of IBM Corp. and are used under license only to indicate that the individual is qualified for a certification role within the Lotus brand category.

Displace the British ITIL with "Global Progressive Technology Elements Knowledge Source" (GPTEKS) - ©

The British ITIL and IT Service Management Framework of the British Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has been deemed irrelevant.  It will be displaced by "Global Progressive Technology Elements Knowledge Source" (GPTEKS) - © which empowers the implementation of the Framework for "Progressive Technology On Demand Service" (PTODS) - ©.  Both GPTEKS and PTODS are Copyright KER & KER Business Research, Consulting and Project Management.  It is proposed that in order to increase United States Security efforts and for all worldwide major software and application systems provided by U.S. Entities (which is %99,9 of all worldwide critical software and application systems) only U.S. Citizens born on U.S. Soil are authorized to be Top Level System and Application Administrators or Full Access Administrators.  These restrictions stay with the license forever, in all languages - including all resell transactions.  All others will be either demoted to normal users or locked out depending on the assessed security finding by U.S. Top Level System and Application Administrators or Full Access Administrators at that time.  If some users who are demoted to normal user status or locked out are unable to fully perform, then - too bad, so sad.  That is the price for the actions of a few bad apples.  The implementation completion window is by the start of 2018.

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